Tool UI Features


The dashboard will give you the main figures, including the average percentage of duplicate content found in the pages checked by Content Analytics.

My Account

You will be able to control your Content Analytics account, add and remove websites and change your subscription in order to analyze more pages.

Start Tracking Now

After only four steps, Content Analytics will start checking your website and track duplicate content.

URL detail page

Here you will find all the results for searches done on any one particular page of content, the list of competitors traced on the web and the percentage of duplicate content per competitor. You will now have the opportunity to ask Content Analytics to contact the competitor and ask him to insert a canonical link, so that the search engines know where the original content comes from. The competitor can also be approached and asked to remove the infringing content from their website, or an action, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the DMCA), can be taken.

Site detail page

This is where you will see all the figures relating to any one of your websites including all the pages you asked Content Analytics to analyze and the percentage of duplicate content for each of the pages.

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Content Analytics offers you FREE limit of 10 pages to analyse.